Specifying a category 6 cabling system can appear to be a problem, because it involves several individual peculiarities, comparing to Category 5. An interaction of various components in Category 6 requires special cabling system, in order to provide a high network performance. This clause can be satisfied only under the condition of using one supplier`s components. Though, MD Networking Solutions can offer you other options.

You can easily buy required components from different companies, and we will make them work together. You just have to make sure that all details have passed professional Network Cable Certification.  It will help you to get a wonderful and universal system equipment that will meet all your requirements and demands. We are profiled on testing and certification of connecting hardware and patch cords. MD Networking Solutions is working for you to be sure you receive only the high – quality components of 6 Category.

Weakest points of Cable Certification:

Modulating plug considers to be the weakest point in the whole cabling system. Unfortunately, pairs twists cross over and split too often, so it leads to immediate breakages. Plugs can be crushed by mechanical crimps , what leads to undeniable Return Loss. Cords, usually, take the brunt: pulled around the desks, flattened by heavy furniture, or run over by chair wheels.

1. Wrong modular plugs
It is extremely important to use appropriate type of plugs, following the color code.
2. Regular cable twisting
Watch your cables, mind the direction of the cutter, otherwise it will break.
3. Bad cable routing
Keep cable away from power and another telecom cabling, do not exceed 25 lb of tension on cables being pulled.
4. Poor documentation
You need to write down the places of cables location in case of further changes.