CCTV installation and support from the most reliable specialists

MD Networking Solutions offers you a huge amount of technical services. One of our profile directions is installation, architecting and testing of the CCTV systems for our commercial and private customers. With the help of internet connection,  we can provide your office or home with day and night video monitoring and stable security surveillance.

Have been working in IT sphere for years, our company have enough experience to cope with task of any complexity and volume. The CCTV installation service presupposes the high-end quality video recorder (DVR) and CCTV cameras. There is one more optional offer that allows our client to get cables from point to point. Our system can record every second of your life so you can easily get all required information at any time.

Make sure all your information and data are safe and sound. It is extremely important for big companies, where CCTV systems can prevent serious thieves and destructions. It can also save your life in case of emergency like fire, earthquakes, tornado or terrorist attacks.
One more advantage of CCTV system is that you can control it remotely. There is no need to stay in building in order to control the whole situation.

For example, you are in some trip, enjoying vacations, but you need to monitor the work in your office – our cameras can help you. All you have to do is to find Internet access and connect it to your PC or laptop.

You can use our services without any fears. MD Networking Solutions never puts any hidden charges. We understand the having CCTV system is a vital need for every home and office, so you can make sure you get the best out of our cooperation.