MD Networking Solutions offer Rigid Coaxial & Flexible Coaxial Cabling Installation and Maintaining

If you want to get an impedance matching for your office equipment, proper coaxial cabling is a must. High – quality materials can improve efficiency of your work with minimum expenses and maximum effect. There are two types of coaxing cables: flexible and rigid. The main difference between them is that rigid one has solid sheath, and flexible – braided. Both of them are made of thin copper wires. Proper inner insulator, more known as dielectric, possesses a major impact on main cable properties like characteristic impedance and attenuation. Dielectrics are also divided in two types: solid and the one with air spaces. Such cables are usually connected with the help of special RF connectors, made of metal. Flexible coaxial cables consider to be more popular than rigid ones. Copper wires braiding make radio frequency signals leak through the small holes. To eliminate this drawback, modern manufacturers introduced and additional layer of thin foil. It coats wires and creates better shielding effect.

Coaxial cables are meant for long distance connections like radio and television networks. However, high – tech methods like fiber optics, T1/E1, satellite and other start to conquer modern market very fast, suppressing coax. It should also be mentioned that coaxing cables still used to provide television signals to the better part of our houses. Micro coaxial cables, in its turn, make military equipment, sound checking and scanning devices function properly, without failures.

Coaxial cables can be twisted and bent, without any consequences and losses. The inner conductor can be made of braid and the outer conductor can be made of corrugated tube for greater flexibility. Connectors for such wires are usually made of gold or rhodium plated. Nickel and tin plating connectors consider to be less qualitative, but their cost is much lower, comparing to gold ones. Silver can also be used for this purposes, but it usually requires additional plating.