Technical progress never stops developing, it gives us an opportunity to enjoy new, qualitative high – tech  equipment that improves our life and helps to take the best out of our work. Fiber optics is one of the latest achievements of IT industry. No matter whether you have your own business, work in state institution or deal with educational sphere, fiber optic cabling is pretty much essential for you. If your job requires fast and secure operation, MD Networking Solutions can offer you fiber optic network installation in a short time and at a reasonable cost.

We never deal with subcontractors, because our priority is high qualitative services only MD Networking Solutions can provide clients with. Our company also specializes in splicing and fiber optic testing.

Without any doubts, fiber optic cables are much better than copper wires: they runs better, costs less and causes minimum problems. It is high time for  you to update your office or house.

Here are some major benefits of using fiber optic cabling:

· Relatively low price, comparing to other remedies · Possibility to increase bandwidth of your network · Long distance transmission · Better data safety · Simple maintenance · Environment friendly materials

MD Networking Solutions offer a wide range of services, connected with fiber optic splicing and testing. They are the following:
· Arc Fusion Splicing · Mechanical Splicing · “Hot-Cuts” · Connectors (FC, SC, ST, or LC) · OTDR

We can also install for you a singlemode fiber optics, used in long distance telecommunication and CATV, multimode fiber optics, meant for premises cabling, LANs and security systems, and air blown fiber optics, created to blow lightweight optical fiber cables through a tube cable at 100 ft per minute.

Why should you go for fiber optics cabling?

Low cost
Fiber optics pricing remains stably low for a very long time. In majority of cases, fiber solutions is much better and cheaper than copper, so you can pay less and get more.
Having a dielectric nature, the only way to transmit the signal is to have an access to the optical fiber itself.
Simple installation
It will not take much time to install all required equipment, so you can get down to work very fast.