Our company offers you free site surveys that can help your precious clients to find out more information about their needs and problems, not for the purpose of sales  increasing. This service is absolutely free and it is always performed by experienced specialists. The main aim of such surveys is to inspect and evaluate the current state of your office equipment and define general requirements for further changes. Sometimes, some unexpected obstacles can appear and you haven’t thought about it yet.

The paramount task for MD Networking Solutions is to figure out how your company operates, what are your technical needs and what will you need for future updates. These manipulations will help us to understand your business model and create clear and detailed plan of upcoming work.

Before starting any updates, you have to study well your blueprints. If there is no such, try to find a floor plan drawing that depicts the location of walls, walkways, etc. In order to install new communication systems, we have to inspect all previous cablings. It is not a very good situation, when you drill into a wall, and suddenly, electricity disappears and you have no idea what to do.

Specialists always say that there is no similar buildings, all of them have some individual peculiarities we have to keep in mind. Depending on such peculiarities, different problems and obstacles can occur. To overcome them and satisfy all your expectations, we have to plan everything carefully, taking into account every single inch.
Using facility diagram can help us to foresee possible barriers that can prevent your project from being successful, such as excessive heat or cold, brick walls, steel panels, firewall, ceiling height for lift trucks, etc.
It is also important to say that secureness is a priority for MD Networking Solutions: we take care of employee`s safety on every construction sites. No injuries and traumas should occur during the project implementation. We strictly follow OSHA regulations, and appreciate human life.