Structured cabling is an essential part of every office`s functioning. It doesn’t matter whether you are working in some government institution, run your business or toil in education sphere, structured cabling will ease your life. Such systems developed to carry voice, data and video signals  within commercial and residential buildings. If you need any installing, removing or repairing services, MD Networking Solutions can help you.

Usually, providing cable system in offices involves hundreds of wires, that can be twisted and broken, what lead to serious data transferring problems, and they, in its turn, detain whole office work. However, choosing structured cabling service from MD Networking Solutions can make these problems disappear. Our specialization is structured cabling solutions for all possible houses and buildings. There is no such thing as too difficult or too big job for us.   

Unfortunately, wires and cables systems are often underestimated and ignored by office workers and IT managers, but it is a huge mistake. They are similar to nervous system of human body, so they shouldn’t be neglected. If you need your wiring needs to be re-organized correctly, MD Networking Solutions is here to help you.

1. We will install data center, office or building wiring for data or voice communication.
2. We will take care of your interior cabling, which cause almost 80% of all network troubles.
3. We can reduce your expenses on every step of your relocation, moving, adding and changing.
4. We will create proper documentation for installed cables, so you can be sure future updates will not cause any difficulties.
5. We will provide you with individual network management system for all your wires to ease your life and working process.

Structured cabling is a set of rules and standards, developed to connect data centers, offices and building with the help of voice communication. Cables of 5 or 6 category consider to be the best for such purposes, modular sockets are also admissible. This instruction describes how you should lay the cabling, or whether you should use a switch or Telecom Patch Panel.